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Long Kae Enterprise Co., Ltd. Accumulated more than 30 years experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, uphold innovation, quality, integrity, accountability and efficiency of the business philosophy, professional technology as its core capabilities to provide highly efficient automation and special machine equipment.


 Founded early, professional production drilling, tapping machine, regardless of design, function or manufacturing quality and after-sales service, customers are eligible to use a high degree of recognition.


 We uphold the constant innovation, the spirit of excellence, continuous development. Currently, the company has provided semi-pneumatic and hydraulic automatic, CNC computer three forms for customers to choose. Covered the production of sanitary equipment, lighting parts, mechanical parts, where and, ball valves, taps, vehicle parts, gas equipment, computers and computer lathe with milling machine and other models in the series. In addition ,more aggressive production needs for the business community to provide automation and special machine design and manufacturing, in order to increase productivity, improve product quality. Long Kae Enterprise Co., Ltd. developed a simple mechanical operation, in line with customer needs. Features can significantly shorten the processing time and improve processing accuracy and yield, lower production costs, to help customers improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


 Long Kae Enterprise Co., Ltd. pecialized in producing all kinds of sophisticated machinery in addition to the outside, and in order to improve competitiveness and create profits, as a business philosophy, providing high-quality, efficient service. More stringent on quality control, praised by the industry, but with good customization and service to meet the diverse needs of the pursuit of higher quality customers.